Smadushka Clinic is well known one in Israel. Smadar Zamir, who runs the business, is a qualified cosmetician by the State of Israel with more than 32 years of experience in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, including hair removal, , facing treatments, deep peeling, professional & permanent make-up, Body treatments department, esthetic injections department, Nails department etc…

The clinic operates and applies the most sophisticated and modern methods and techniques as well as the application of the best and new cosmetic materials.

Equipment which is in use is of the top level of technology, approved by the American FDA and the European CE authorities.

The emphasized mission is to provide customers with the best and top quality of excellence service and professional treatment.

Thousands of satisfied and loyal clients in Israel, is the only proof of appreciation to the top level of quality and expertise presenting the core business of the clinic.

Always, Smadar is looking forwards towards improvements, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, which will enhance the business and will enable her to accomplish the mission.

Smadushka  International Trade

Smadushka International Trade, Effi Zamir,  who runs the Smadushka International Trade is linked with Smadushka Clinic and other businesses in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

 Smadushka International Trade is Authorized importer by the state of Israel and has the government licenses to import and storage cosmetics products.

The business intends to import and distribute materials to cosmetic clinics which are located all over Israel through a sophisticated network and distribution channel.

Always it looks forwards to enrich the range of products by adding new products to Smadushka Clinic, as well as to other Clinics in Israel.

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